“Don’t touch me!”

“Calm down!”

“Let me go.” I squirmed under his heavy grip not daring to let him win this fight. I kicked and hit, but he managed to throw me over his shoulder.

“What are you doing?” I yelled as I battered his back, pulling my mess of curls out of my face.

“Calm down first, then I will explain.” He lugged me over to a couch, it was then I could finally see him clearly. His eyes were like an emerald gem, his hair a blonde mess. Those eyes looked deep into me, searching for something…


Macy’s POV

Once a upon a time I was normal. Then came that cursed morning.

“Hurry up! You’re going to be late to school!” My mother tsked and shook her blonde curls at me in my crumbled bed, refusing to get up and face a cold winters day. I groaned in response, indicating I wished to stay in my warm world, where nothing could hurt me.

“Be up in 5 minutes,” She declared and strode away, back to the sweet smell erupting from the kitchen, wafting upstairs beckoning me. To my own dismay, I tangled myself from the web of…

Hide and Seek

Rain had started to pelt down in waves, why did I have to leave? I shouldn’t of. It’s too late now. I attempted to pull my coat closer with my trembling hands. The bark and leaves were long dead, I heard them crunching under my feet as I stumbled around. The pale moonlight reflected upon the overhead trees that were rustling in the wind, the only sound there was besides my cold breathing.

“Are you lost?” the husky voice was surprising, why would anyone be out here? I whirled around shivering to the sight of him. He…

Double standards.

I am going to start this off with what I have experienced during my years living on this Earth.

“I don’t like party girls”- from a boy who went out on a 2 day bender the day before he told me this

“You can’t wear that”- from family members

“I don’t have a problem with him walking home at night after work”- my mum discussing how my younger brother could walk home from work but I could not.

Let’s break all of these down for you.

1. I don’t like party girls

- It has come to my…

The darkened red tent bombarded everyone’s vision that dared to enter. A mixture of purples, oranges, red and blues sparked all over the crowded field. Wooden stands displayed the latest attractions. A physic with velvet blankets, two young boys twisting down from ribbons strapped to themselves. And an enormous carousel that the little kids just adore, with vintage lions to ride on, it gleams in the pale moonlight.

“Where to next?” I happily asked, scanning over all of the crowd that was beginning to thin.

“I think the psychic is next.” My older sister nodded in approval at her own…


Day One

We met on a cold winter’s night. Exchanged glances, got the cautionary warning. But the brown hair and fragile ghost filled eyes called out for someone to help. For someone to care at least. He washed his sorrows down with cheap alcohol and confidence he wore like a mask, I could tell he wanted someone to care about him, for someone to hold him. I once believed that I could do that, he became my new obsession.

Day Ten

We talked regularly. He started to become more open. We discussed the girl who came before me, the…

Lacey Diluvio

I am a university student who loves to write fiction and non-fiction about issues both myself and the world face.

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